Man who attacked a woman with an ax in Usaquén changed his appearance to evade the authorities – Bogotá

With short hair, without the same beard and hiding in a small farm in Fusagasugá, Miguel Camilo Ferro was found the man most wanted in recent days for attacking his partner with an ax on October 16.

After hiding with relatives in Bogotá, Mosquera and Fusagasugá in a joint action between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police, his whereabouts were found.

(In context: Captured in Fusagasugá a man who attacked his partner with an ax)

Ángela del Pilar Ferro, although she still has not finished recovering and is still in poor health, said that will seek that this man is tried for attempted femicide and not for attempted murder.

It was the CTI agents who followed his trail from the moment he escaped. Parra did everything to evade the authorities, he cut his hair and changed his clothes but the agents located him through cameras and thus managed to know that this he had hidden himself in a small house in Fusagasugá.

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Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

Investigators from the Prosecutor’s Office waited for him on the outskirts of the place and spent days and nights in front of the house.

There they captured him just at the moment when a car alarm sounded and Parra went out to see what was happening. His rights were read to him and he was captured.

Then he was escorted and transferred to the Puente Aranda Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) where they were reviewed to take him to another place where he spent the night. Hearing confirmation is pending.

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