Man with 26 telephones in cycling shorts convicted of healing only NOW

The 34-year-old man who was arrested last Tuesday after being caught in the AFAS Live in Amsterdam with 26 stolen phones in his cycling shorts, has not been convicted of theft. He was sentenced for healing and received eight months in prison.

The police arrested the man last week at a Sum 41 concert. The judge ruled on Wednesday that there was not enough evidence of the theft of the telephones.

The public prosecutor called the man’s action a “particularly brutal crime”. “He and his co-perpetrators have in no way taken into account the personal feelings of the victims,” ​​said the officer in the requisitoir.

The man had hidden 27 telephones in tight cycling shorts that he wore. He was eventually searched by a security officer and he was arrested. The police assume that the arrested person was not acting alone and is still looking for his co-perpetrators.


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