Managing director Holger von Berg resigns

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Dhe Bayreuth Festival is looking for a new managing director. The contract with the previous incumbent Holger von Berg should not be extended. “Bayreuther Festspiele GmbH has decided to advertise the position of commercial management after the expiry of the contract with the previous commercial manager and to fill it from 1.4.2021,” announced the festival on Monday. “The previous commercial managing director will take on a new role at the Free State of Bavaria in the division of the State Ministry of Science and Art in Munich after the termination of his activity in Bayreuth.”

It is the second major personnel cut within a few weeks. It was not until the end of April that the festival announced that festival director Katharina Wagner would not be able to exercise her office “until further notice” for health reasons.

Von Berg has been the second managing director of the festival since April 2016, alongside festival director Wagner. His area of ​​responsibility includes ticket sales and festival hall renovation, while Wagner is more responsible for artistic matters.

Uncertainty also about Christian Thielemann

Shortly after taking office four years ago, von Berg said: “A lot has to change. But good things take time. ”Many employees in the house are still rooted in the old structures from the time when the festival was a family business.

Before taking up his position on the Green Hill from Berg, he was the managing director of the Munich Residenz Theater for many years. He then followed Heinz-Dieter Sense in Bayreuth, who is now by his side again because he took over temporarily to help Wagner, who was sick.

Berg’s personnel is not the only one that is currently causing speculation on the Green Hill: According to festival spokesman Hubertus Herrmann, it is still unclear at the moment how the contract with music director Christian Thielemann will continue. It expires in autumn and has not yet been extended. Katharina Wagner announced at the end of 2019 that she would negotiate with the conductor about a possible contract extension. Negotiations are expected to resume as soon as they are well, Herrmann said.



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