Manchakhiri closed all schools for 7 days, found a teacher infected with covid


28 June 2021 – 20:23

Manchakhiri District, Khon Kaen Province, has decided to close all schools in the area for 7 days after a teacher was found infected with the coronavirus.

From the situation of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus in Khon Kaen Province, it was found that the number of new infections continued to increase. As of today, 17 more cases were found, bringing the total to 642, 76 are being treated in hospitals, the rest have been cured and gone home. and has a total of 5 deaths

While Mr. Nattapat Ploysupha, Manchakhiri District Chief, Khon Kaen Province, held a meeting of the Communicable Disease Control Committee at the district level. and a resolution to close all educational institutions in Manchakhiri District for 7 days after it was found that a teacher of one of the schools in Khok Pho Chai District, Khon Kaen Province, returning from Bangkok and tested positive for COVID-19 Currently being treated at Manchakhiri Hospital. At the same time, there is still a high-risk contact, a son in the second grade, infected with the Covid-19 virus. and infecting another son’s friend, and the teacher also infects a teacher who teaches at the same school Khok Pho Chai, another 2 people, causing the epidemic circle of this teacher to infect other people, a total of 4 people. Prevent the spread of infection immediately.

While Mr. Somsak Changtrakul, the governor of Khon Kaen province, convened a meeting of the Communicable Disease Control Committee of Khon Kaen Province. to find a consensus in the overall picture of the province to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus that will erupt again from the labor cluster in the district Bangkok and surrounding areas which is still in the process of meeting

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