Manchester City excluded from European cups: what future for the club?

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SCAN SPORT – UEFA hit hard by excluding Manchester City club from European cups for the next two seasons on Friday. A sanction that will have serious repercussions. Explanations.

Can Manchester City appeal?

YES. The Independant did not hesitate to talk about “Atomic bomb” dropped on Friday by UEFA on the head of Manchester City, one of the most powerful clubs in the world, for “seriously violating” the rules of financial fair play. Affected, the English club is not yet sunk since it has indicated that it will seize the Arbitral Tribunal for sport to annul its decision. The legal battle is therefore only just beginning.

Will Pep Guardiola leave the club?

YES. It’s very possible. At the head of a team that will only play on the English chessboard, the former coach of FC Barcelona, ​​coveted by many major European clubs including Paris SG, may well find the suit a little tight for his taste . Especially since his results are not really up to expectations this season. Admittedly, the club qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League (against Real Madrid), but in the league, the defense of the title is very badly embarked with 22 points behind Liverpool, leader. Suffice to say that if the team is eliminated by Zidane and Real Madrid in the round of 16 in the coming days, the end of the season will be extremely long for everyone.

Should we fear a flight of players?

YES. The Citizens ’locker room could be hemorrhaging its best players next summer. With the sanction of UEFA over the next two seasons, the club will have to sit on tens of millions of euros in direct revenue from the European Cup. Its advertising contracts could also be lowered soon. If we add the 30 million euro fine imposed by UEFA on Friday, we can easily imagine that the wage bill will have to be reduced in the coming months. And if Manchester City manages to retain its stars bound by contract, the club will have a hard time attracting others by offering them for simple prospects the Premier League and the national cups.

Should Paris SG be worried?

NO. Not immediately. By hitting Manchester City, one of the most powerful brands in European football, UEFA punches the table and shows the extent of its power when the rules of financial fair play are broken. Javier Tebas, the boss of the Spanish Liga, applauded this decision against one of the “new rich” in European football with both hands and called for Paris SG to be punished as well. The capital’s club is no longer under immediate threat from UEFA since the CAS decided in its favor on March 19.



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