Mandatory from the Sabbath .. a member of the “Supreme Virus” clarifies the types of gag

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Thursday 28 May 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy

The government obligated workers and visitors to all markets, shops, government or private establishments, banks, or while in all mass transportation; Whether public or private, by wearing protective gags, starting from next Saturday until another notice is issued, in implementation of the cabinet decision regarding precautionary and preventive measures to address the spread of the Corona pandemic.

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Dr. Adel Khattab, a member of the Higher Committee for Virology, and Professor of Chest Diseases, Ain Shams Medicine, reviewed the types of gags spread on the Egyptian market.

Gag cloth

She emphasized during her intervention on the “Everyday” program, with the media Basma Wahba on the Extra News channel, the lack of usefulness of the muzzle cloth in all its material, types and colors, and its inability to protect from viruses and bacteria, but rather devoted these masks to avoid dust spread in the air.

Milky muzzle

He recommended wearing the milky medical muzzle because of its importance and ability to protect from corona, but it should be purchased from pharmacies, responsible agencies and armed forces outlets, and should be avoided from sidewalks.

M3 and N95 muzzle

He explained that I am a M3 or N95 muzzle for medical staff and hospitals, and there is no need to wear it on the streets.

Mask “face protector”

He pointed out that the face protector mask is intended for medical staff as well, and there is no need to roam it in the streets, and it is preferable for dentists to continuously deal with the mouth, and that when wearing it there must be a medical mask with a filter under the mask.

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Muzzle inside the nose “nose plug”

A member of the Higher Virus Committee recommended not to gag inside the nose; Because the infection ports of the Corona virus are 3 places, namely the mouth, nose and eyes, and this plug does not prevent infection completely, but is used at night for those who suffer from stuffy nose and snoring.

He advised the citizen’s “speech” before wearing the mask, washing hands with soap and water well, or disinfection with alcohol. Also, the mask must be handled from “Alastic” and when it is removed, and hand washing must be repeated immediately after throwing it in the garbage.

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