Manizales declares hospital red alert for occupation of ICU beds

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The Mayor of Manizales reported this afternoon that given the sustained increase in the occupancy of ICU beds with a percentage higher than 80%, it decided to declare a health red alert.

The Administration explained that between November 17 and 20, the average number of units available for critical care of patients was only 40

With the declaration of the red alert, the following measures are promulgated:

– Assess and intervene the causes of occupation of ICU and NICU units in each IPS of Manizales.

– Activate the 100% ICU expansion capacity in each IPS.

– Generate from the Ministry of Public Health, daily, concurrent audits to ICU and NICU.

– Monitor the availability of human talent in health for emergency services, covid hospitalization and critical care units.

– Comply with the restriction imposed by the Caldas Territorial Health Directorate (DTSC) for the execution of elective surgeries that are required in the ICU, in addition to other programmable activities that imply the use of general beds.

– Strengthen the first and second line of covid care response schemes.

– Generate technical assistance actions to contribute to the rapid opening of new ICU units.

– Restrict the reception of cases from other departments.

– Convene and train groups of human talent in voluntary health in each IPS.

– Intensify home care from the Benefit Plan Administrators (EAPB) for covid patients.

– Strengthen home delivery of medications for patients with chronic diseases.

– Fine-tune the processes of care for patients with cardiovascular and metabolic risk, guaranteeing timely care in the consultation, paraclinics and medications.

– Activate the command of municipal ESE ambulances from line 123.

– Consider the activation of phase 3.

– Validate the departmental CRUE control model for morgue deposits.

– Approve the CRUE control over the referral and counter-referral system.

30 more intensive care units

Carlos Humberto Orozco, Secretary of Health of Manizales, said this afternoon through a video, published by the Mayor’s Office Press Office, that the Ministry of Health has reported the entry into the city of 30 new Intensive Care Units that will serve for the provision of at least three hospitals and clinics, improving this capacity.

The foregoing given the decision of the municipal administration to decree the red alert for the occupancy of ICU beds, which has already exceeded 80% on two occasions. “Hospitals and clinics will have complementary faculties, they will be able to expand all the capacity they have to be able to house new critical care beds.”

Other measures

“In Manizales we have declared the health red alert. It is a preventive measure that affects all health organizations, hospitals, clinics, EPS and all human talent in health. It is intended to improve the capacity to respond to the increased demand for Intensive Care Units ”.

“We have 225 beds and more than 80% have been occupied for several days. Although intermediate declines are going to be experienced, the trend is that more than 80% of this resource will continue to be needed ”.

“Hospitals will have the need in a judicious way to regulate the scheduling of selective surgeries and outpatient care that at any given time may generate the need for the use of critical care.”

“Emergency care will not be affected in any way not only by covid, but by any other need.”

“Our human talent in hospitals and clinics will have some modifications from this red alert. We all enter an enlistment that requires us to be permanently available to make calls in case of need to reinforce any of the attention units, covid or non-covid “.

“We will have to guarantee from the EPS that all patients with chronic non-communicable diseases are better cared for, certifying and verifying from the Ministry of Health that the delivery of medicines, that medical, outpatient, home and tele-assistance consultations are good quality”.

“We cannot allow the population to decompensate, a situation that has ended up depleting intensive care resources. The critical care units have dealt with covid cases and also non-covid ”.

“We will be at intervals with a regularity where we will be showing an occupancy above 80% and other times it will drop to the 70% range, but this means that we are going to be prepared, willing to have an immediate capacity so that we do not stay no person requiring critical care without attention ”.

“This is part of the solution, of the answer, but the definitive solution is not in the expansion of critical care units, nor in this type of measure. The solution is to stop, to slow down the pandemic and that solution is in the hands of each one of us, where we have to responsibly contribute everything that corresponds to mobility ”.

“Wear a mask, social distancing, hand washing. That we have all the spaces at home and work well ventilated. In the event of close contact or symptoms, not isolating oneself implies infecting others and putting at risk those over 60 or those under 60 who have important diseases, implies putting them at risk of death ”.


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