Manizales health sector assured pension payment for 9 years

THE COUNTRY | Manizales

The Ministry of Finance signs another yes for $ 89,200 million to update the pension transfers for three health institutions in Manizales.

The Ministry of Finance managed these items to ensure allowances for nine years. Of these items, most of it is provided by the national government, the Caldas Government will provide $ 4 billion and the Mayor’s Office, $ 7 billion.

650 people will benefit from the hospitals of Caldas and San Isidro, and Assbasalud.

The mayor, Carlos Mario Marín, said that this good news is thanks to the agreement between the Nation, the Municipality and the Department. “We insured these resources for nine years, even 10. That value was accessed for social investment and it was achieved thanks to the Manizales Ministry of Finance.”

The Secretary of Finance, Ana María Jaramillo, reiterated that this is the largest contract for updating pension payments that the Ministry of Finance has entered into this year with any municipality.

“We will cover these three entities. We will guarantee social security in the health sector. Although it was not easy to obtain these resources, it was achieved through the collaboration of the National Treasury. These items will go to an autonomous patrimony in Porvenir and will give us the stability of pension payments and allowances ”.

He explained that the payments are already made and that the agreement is part of a periodic update to continue with the transfers. “This alleviates the burden for the Municipality as it can free up resources for other sources of investment.”


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