Manned mission to the Moon: this would be the interior of the ship

The military manufacturer Dynetics revealed a large-scale model of the Human Landing System (HLS) that could be used by NASA for the next manned mission to the Moon, scheduled for 2024.

The prototype, which has almost the same dimensions as the lunar lander Apollo 1969, will be evaluated as part of the Artemis program from the US space agency.

The model is intended to provide engineers with an idea of ​​how astronauts will interact inside the spacecraft during missions on the moon.

The prototype considers the crew module, the autonomous logistics platform for cargo access, ascent and descent fuel tanks and deployable solar panels.

The low-rise design could allow easier and safer access to the lunar surface, he said. Dynetics.

Foam prototype

The company also released a video to show the operation of its module. However, the audiovisual piece makes it clear that it is a prototype.

The different control mechanisms are essentially pieces of foam glued to the interior walls of the module, which can be easily moved to find their best location.

Dynetics explained that “the flexible design can be easily reconfigured, allowing the Human Systems Integration (HSI) team and the flight crew to review and provide feedback on early concept designs and execute rapid iterations.”


According Futurism, the presentation of the Dynetics module comes after Blue Origin, another of the contractors that intends to be awarded the project, will present another large-scale prototype of its human landing system in August 2020.

The company SpaceX Elon Musk also has a contract with the special agency to design a prototype spacecraft for manned missions to the Moon.

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