Mano reveals that he has not yet chosen Arab soccer players – ask to see more Thai League youth form – Khaosod

Mano Polkong, head coach of the Thai national team Confirmed that 50 players have not yet been locked in for the West Asian Cup. Waiting to see the form of 2 more players

Mano Polking, coach of the Thai national team, senior Brazilian Went to watch the Thai League 2022/23 football match, the second leg of the game at Port FC, opened at home, won BG Pathum United 2-1 and the latest game, the Revo Cup 2022-23, round of 16, the last game Muangthong United opened the nest and lost to Buriram United 1-2.

However, the 46-year-old head coach intensely watched the games during the second leg. To want to see the form of Thai players preparing for the West Asian National Football Championship “WAFF 10th Men’s Championship-UAE 2023” between March 20 and April 2, 2023 in the United Arab Emirates Emirates (UAE)

Recently, the main trainer of the “War Elephants” army revealed after traveling to watch the game at the Thunder Dome Stadium on January 25 that “Right now, the list of 50 people has not been announced as rumored by the media. I still have to see the performance of the players for another 1-2 games before submitting the list to the Football Association to request from the respective clubs.”

All 50 players on the list Must do all visas first because it is an E-VISA system. Visas must be made by February 15. It is expected that the Thai Football Association will receive 50 such players who will send a list to them in early February. . And will cut down to the last 23 people flying to the UAE to participate in the next tournament

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