Manolidou is revelatory for Georgiadis [Βίντεο] – 2024-03-23 10:49:13

In fact, the couple referred to the countless times that some people tried to tarnish their personal and family life.

“Generally, I don’t answer, I leave them and they pass. They say, they say, they say and I don’t answer. But then Adonis called me and said “you have to say something because they think I’m beating you”. Okay, all of this is ridiculous, especially when there are so many serious issues in Greece” initially said Eugenia Manolidou.

“The story with Novartis was a wilder story. The other was ridiculous, there was no reason to bother. But this was really cruel, it was unfair and it could really hurt us a lot through lying. Something completely fabricated, completely false that went on too long and could have harmed our family. Not only the two of us, the children also got in the way, they started opening accounts without any reason. What to find? After all! This was very cruel and very unfair,” he added.

“The most unimaginable thing was that I then had to answer my son, Perseus, who was old enough to understand what they were saying about his father, for my son to answer his classmates, who were also listening to what they were saying on the channels. In fact, when the prosecutor investigated my company, she even asked my clients one by one why they were buying books from Georgiadis publications,” said Adonis Georgiadis.

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