Manon Marsault at war with Maeva Ghennam? She talks about herself on Snapchat

Manon Marsault cold with Nabilla? News is falling! And as you know, the candidate of W9 was also in dispute with Maeva Ghennam … A few weeks before the shooting of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6, the two young women had a very big argument during a party. And during this adventure, Manon Marsault and Maeva Ghennam have clashed several times. But according to rumors, things worked out between them … Except that Manon Marsault and Maeva Ghennam have never proven that they have become friends again. Finally, until now … The proof below.

As you had chance to see, Manon Marsault explained to her subscribers that Maeva Ghennam had recovered her Snapchat account which had jumped a few days ago. By making this video, the young mother proves that all is well between her and her comrade. Despite everything, we could see that the two candidates of W9 still did not follow each other on Instagram … They unfollow just after their argument! In a completely different register, know that Maeva Ghennam changed her hairstyle just before returning to Dubai and this hair transformation quickly made Internet users react.

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