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The US state of Georgia completed a manual recount of all votes cast there in the presidential elections on November 3, and the results confirm Joe Biden’s victory at the state level, the secretary of state announced this Thursday (11/19/2020). local Brad Raffensperger.

“The audit confirmed that the original typed count accurately portrayed the winner of the election,” said a statement posted on the Georgia secretary of state’s website.

The confirmation makes Biden the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the southern US state in nearly three decades, despite accusations of fraud by rival Donald Trump.

Joe Biden.

The victory of Biden in Georgia, who has not voted Democrats for 28 years, is a stiff defeat for Trump who seeks to nullify the results of the elections in the United States, by increasing unsuccessful legal challenges and extending into unfounded claims of fraud. widespread electoral.

With nearly five million votes cast in Georgia, Biden narrowly won. About 14,000 votes, based on the results of the original election. Now the Democrat is leading the vote by 12,284 votes by tally.

Trump seeks reversal maneuver in Michigan

Meanwhile, the outgoing president has intensified his attempt to overturn the election results, by putting pressure on his allies in key states such as Michigan, a move that Biden described Thursday as “irresponsible” and “harmful.”

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Donald Trump.

A few days before the deadlines for each state to certify the winner of the elections are closed, and in the absence of results from their legal strategy, Trump and his team have taken their campaign to new extremes to try to mold reality to their complaint without proof that the elections were fraudulent.

On Thursday, Trump invited Republican leaders from his party-controlled Michigan state Congress to meet with him at the White House on Friday, in an apparent attempt to ask for their cooperation to subvert the outcome in that key state, which Biden he won by a wide margin of about 157,000 votes.

News in development.

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