Mañueco offers “loyalty” to Sánchez and asks for a meeting to address common issues

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With a “congratulation” and desire for “success” since “it will be for the benefit of all,” the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, the popular Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has sent a letter to the Nation’s chief, Pedro Sánchez, after his recent investiture. In the letter, he offers collaboration and reiterates his “commitment to full institutional loyalty,” although he also places Sanchez duties.

Thus, Fernández Mañueco emphasizes that «you can always count on Castilla y León» for the defense of the Constitution as well as collaborating on «common and State projects». But first he warns Sanchez that, given the situation and “complex moments” facing Spain, “height of sight and responsibility” is required and that they are “above partisan calculations or particular interests.”

«We need institutional and political stability», emphasizes Fernández Mañueco, in the letter in which the head of the Central Executive asks for a meeting «in the near future» to «specify these proposals».

And it is that a good part of the letter is dedicated to remind the President of the Governments of the pending accounts of the State with Castilla y León, starting precisely with the accounts. There, it affects claiming the reform of the regional financing model to be “fair and sufficient.” And incidentally warns Sanchez that these changes must be addressed “from multilateralism and without privileges for anyone.”

Infrastructure, education, health or the demographic challenge are other issues that Mañueco remembers Sanchez should address in common. .


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