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Mañueco warns that before the coronavirus “it is more essential than ever to act responsibly and collaboratively”

“Act responsibly.” It is the main call that the President of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, made in his appearance in the Permanent Commission of the Cortes on Tuesday to take stock of the measures adopted so far in the Community to face to the coronavirus. The “most difficult speech I have ever made” in the face of the probably most complex “circumstance” ever faced, has been recognized by the head of the Autonomous Executive in an intervention of continuous call for unity and which has received in response “loyalty and support” by part of the political groups.

“Acting with responsibility and collaboration of all is more essential than ever”, Fernández Mañueco stated, who insisted on the importance of “social responsibility”, complying with the compliance with the measures adopted in this situation of alarm by the expansion of Covid- 19. Aware that it is “difficult” and requires and will require “sacrifices”, the head of the Castilian and Leonese executive has insisted that “stopping the spread of the virus is key to” social confinement “. “Staying at home means just that: staying at home,” he repeated.

“We have to do everything humanly possible to preserve health,” he stressed, in his appeal to “responsibility and common sense.”

Fernández Mañueco has assumed that the measures already taken will take “weeks” to give results, that the “immediate future will be difficult”, since “there are no miracle recipes. Whoever says it, is mistaken or lies », has warned.

And in addition to the “health emergency” that the coronavirus is causing, the economy is not “immune” to Covid-19, which is why it has urged to adopt measures, in a “coordinated” way and with budgetary contributions from the central government. “We cannot wait because it will be too late and the consequences can be dramatic,” warned the head of the Castilian and Leonese executive, who has opted for “real and effective measures” with the “clear objective” of “minimizing” the impact on the economy and to maintain “maximum employment”, since it is already clear that there will be job losses.

“We must face the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis,” said Fernández Mañueco, who announced that the Junta de Castilla y León will strengthen the Family Protection Network to serve the supply of food to individuals and families, especially to the vulnerable, through the 012 telephone and the items destined for emergency aid will be increased to increase coverage in the face of possible increases in needs. .

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