Manuel Merino | Archbishop of Lima: “We are in too difficult a situation to minimize the demonstrations”

In the program “Dialogue of faith” from RPP Noticias, Monsignor Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio, Archbishop of Lima, expressed his solidarity with Percy Pérez and Luis Aguilar, the young people injured in the protests against Manuel Merino.

Castillo regretted that the protesters suffered attacks “for expressing his civic conscience, his indignation and the need for a profound change in our country.”

Likewise, noted that protests should not be minimized, held since Monday, November 9 in Lima and in various cities of the country, after the presidential vacancy.

We are in too difficult a situation to minimize the demonstrations, which are truly the largest we have had in our history“, he expressed.

Although I believe that the way is always dialogue (…) we cannot minimize and simply say that it is just a lack of communication or that people are ignorant. That’s unethical“added the Mgr.

In that sense, the representative of the Catholic Church invoked the authorities to become aware of what the people are asking for and to assert their claim.

“It is necessary to be aware that we are facing a deep problem that has been accumulating due to the very serious corruption process that we have lived through and continue to live. A true solution has to be proposed by all, but above all listening to the feeling, the inspiration and the deep vision that hides behind these manifestations, which is that of a people that wants to resurrect, “he stressed.

The Archbishop of Lima also asked to stop the repression against the young people who took to the streets. “It seems to me that there is a lightness that we cannot maintain,” he said.

“If you want to do something, you have to go back on several things. One of them is repression … the obvious signs are that there have been injuries, there have been intentions: ‘Kill him, kill him, shoot, shoot, ‘we heard. That is a very serious thing and that comes from heads, from infiltrators, when the boys at no time have wanted to harm anyone“, Held.

In this way, Castillo Mattasoglio stated that the authorities need to address the feelings of Peruvians and rectify the errors to find a solution to the claim of the population.

Dialogue also has its ways of manifesting itself, that is why the indignation that people are manifesting must know how to listen clearly and sincerely, not to modify the intention, it is true that people must be besieged by the pandemic, but that is not the problem. The thing is directed directly towards the democratic conscience and democratic defense of the country, “he said.

If there is a mistake, (…) one way is to rectify mistakes and give in until we find an interesting way“, he stressed.


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