Manuel Merino | Hundreds of citizens protest in La Molina against the government | Ántero Flores-Aráoz

Hundreds of protesters protest this Friday in the district of La Molina, on the fifth day of marches against the commissioning of Manuel Merino and the ministerial cabinet of Ántero Flores-Aráoz.

A large group of citizens mobilized from the intersection of Raúl Ferrero and Manuel Ugarteche avenues, passing through Alameda del Corregidor avenues and Javier Prado avenues, to reach the Óvalo Monitor.

A smaller group was protesting since the afternoon outside the home of the president of the Council of Ministers, on Las Palmeras avenue, where the large demonstration reached.

The street where the premier lives Ántero Flores-Aráoz It has been closed by the National Police and remains protected, indicated users on social networks.

Meanwhile, dozens of people protest outside the house of Manuel Merino, in the Lima district of San Borja.

Since last Monday, there have been protests in various cities of the country against the Government of Merino de Lama, who assumed the Presidency after the vacancy of Martin Vizcarra by Congress.


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