many Belgians go abroad to do their end-of-year shopping, “don’t go there!”

“It is dark at 4 pm, the decorations are starting to show up in our streets… In short, the end of year celebrations are approaching”, began Antoine Iseux during the press conference of the crisis center. The interfederal spokesperson called for not giving in to the temptation of shopping abroad.

“This year, our purchasing habits are very different from those to which we are used, we must take into account the current situation in the search for the ideal gift (s)”, he affirms. Currently, the bulk of non-food stores cannot accommodate customers, “but that doesn’t mean we have to turn away from it – quite the opposite”.

“Crossing the border in no way minimizes the risks of a day of shopping”

Antoine Iseux advises supporting local businesses by ordering online rather than going to neighboring countries to shop, recalling that non-essential travel is always “strictly” not recommended: “If risky situations must be avoided in our shopping streets, crossing the border in no way minimizes the risks of a day of shopping in crowded streets and stores ”

“The virus is also in circulation in neighboring countries, do not go there for your health, that of your loved ones and in support of our local traders,” he concluded.


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