Many Enthusiasts, PT Esemka Even Stop Production

BOYOLALI, – Fans Esemka car the higher the number of government agencies choosing cars made by the country’s children as operational vehicles.

One of them is Kebonan Village, Karanggede, Boyolali which makes the Bima 1.3 type car an operational vehicle for Village-Owned Enterprises ( BUMDes).

However, for those who also want to bring a factory-made car PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi (Esemka) looks like you have to be patient first.

The reason is, during pandemic Covid-19 This factory, which is located in Dusun II, Sambi, Boyolali, Central Java (Central Java), is no longer producing new units.

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Public Relations of PT Esemka Sabar Budi explained that during this pandemic there was no longer any assembly activity for new units.

Take a peek inside the Esemka factory in Boyolali

“Due to this pandemic condition, we cannot be maximized and temporarily stop production,” said Sabar, Thursday (11/2/2021).

Sabar continued, for employees who are still working in the factory every day they do not produce new units, but only maintain production equipment.

“Since the pandemic there have been no more production activities, activities in the factory have only been limited to maintaining production equipment with a duration of 2-3 hours,” he said.

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During this pandemic, the number of employees who work every day or enter the factory is also very limited, which is only about 30 personnel.

Take a peek inside the Esemka factory in Boyolali Take a peek inside the Esemka factory in Boyolali

This number is fairly small considering that before the Covid-19 pandemic the number of employees in the vehicle assembly section could reach 200 people every day.

“Before the Covid-19 pandemic the number of employees working every day could reach 200 people, the number of units that can be produced reached 200 units for 20 working days,” he said.

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With these conditions, Sabar is not sure when consumers can order cars again.

The reason is, if conditions are not certain like this, the production of new units cannot be done so that consumers cannot make purchases.

“I’m not sure when (operations) can return to normal,” he said.


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