many last-minute departures from stations

In a Parisian station, this Friday February 12 marks the time of departure on vacation, often at the last minute. “We had planned well in advance, we canceled, and we decided a few days ago to leave anyway“, confides a traveler, while another considers that it is”important to be able to leave, even though we do not do the same activities as usual“. Among the most popular destinations, Brittany and Loire-Atlantique, the Jura or the Vosges. In resorts, the hotel occupancy rate is almost identical to 2020, for the same period: “88% filling over the next three weeks“for the moment, says Bruno Poizat, director of the Hautes-Vosges tourist office.

On the roads, the journeys are going quite well. “A large-scale device is being deployed this evening throughout Ile-de-France, 800 police and gendarmes (…). For the moment no verbalization, the holiday makers seem to have made their arrangements to respect the curfew“Says Julie Vitaline, journalist France Televisions, live from the Porte d’Orléans in Paris. Small problem at the station on the other hand, from Paris”all trains between Paris and La Rochelle are canceled until 1 p.m. tomorrow“because of the ice, explains journalist Gaspard de Florival, duplex from Montparnasse station (Paris).

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