Many Western States ‘Siege’ China at LCS, Want a War?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China’s expansion in the region South China Sea (LCS) which is still in dispute made the international world, especially western countries, inflamed. Several western countries are recorded as sending their naval combat fleets into these waters.

Reported by VOA, Monday (22/2/2021), several western countries joined the United States (US) to hold China in the area of ​​the busy trade route. Some are even interested in sending an aircraft carrier. French Defense Minister Florence Parly said in early February that France had sent attack submarines into the sea this month.

The submarine delivery is a mission aimed at strengthening Paris’ ties with partners such as the US, Australia and Japan

“This extraordinary patrol has just completed a section in the South China Sea. Striking evidence of the ability of our French Navy to be deployed remotely and for a long time with respect to our Australian, American and Japanese strategic partners,” Parly said on Twitter. officially.

He also added that the mission is to strengthen the robustness of international law residing in the waters of the highly disputed SCS,

“Why such a mission? To enrich our knowledge of this field and affirm that international law is the only rule that applies, regardless of which sea we sail,” said Parly.

Britain also staged a similar mission. A British defense official said last month the UK’s main carrier strike group was ready to enter the route.

In addition to the three nations, a Canadian Navy warship sailed near the sea in January bypassing the Taiwan Strait on its way to join exercises with Australian, Japanese and US navies in the LCS.

Prior to these countries, the US was the western country that most frequently sent its combat fleets into the ocean on “freedom of navigation” missions. Recently, two US carriers, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz, sailed through the Spratly Islands to hold joint military exercises in freedom of navigation operations in the LCS.

This activity, which was ordered by the White House, was opposed by China. Beijing says that this US mission is a futile mission.

“The facts show that detaining China is a mission impossible, and will only end up shooting yourself,” Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said last month.

The SCS is becoming a potential for widespread global conflict. This is because China continues to claim 90% of the ocean territory belongs to it and is carrying out massive expansion in the oceans which are also claimed by several countries in Southeast Asia.

In fact, China has reportedly built an 800,000 square mile city of one of the disputed SCS islands, Paracel. The city was named Shansa. The city is 1,700 times the area of ​​New York.

In that city, China has built several city-class facilities that have facilities such as seawater desalination and sewage treatment facilities, new public housing, 5G network coverage, schools and regular charter flights.

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