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Recently, many female netizens in China complained that they were burned using a “black technology sanitary napkin” (called sanitary napkins in China) produced by a well-known brand. Some netizens said, “It is so hot that it hurts to cry.” It is worth noting that a review of an e-commerce platform showed that after using the product, many consumers commented “itchy and hot”, and many people ridiculed it as an “IQ tax.”

It is reported that this product is called “HOT warm” sanitary napkin, which means “good warm”. This product mainly helps women relieve menstrual cramps by warming up specific areas.

In the product introduction, it is stated that it uses Japanese patented technology and has undergone professional testing. It will not cause skin burns. There may be uncomfortable reactions during use. This is a normal phenomenon and will be automatically eliminated after stopping use.

Many women in China complained about being burned by using

However, some netizens responded that they were scalded with blisters.

Many women in China complained about being burned by using

Many women in China complained about being burned by using

Some people in China said that heating sanitary napkins actually has a market, and it makes sense to heat the abdomen to promote blood circulation and take away the pain mediators. But it needs to be heated evenly, and can not be directly attached to the skin (because it is easy to burn).

There are also pharmacists who said that if the warm pack is tightly attached to the skin, long-term use may cause “low temperature burns.” Under normal circumstances, a temperature higher than 60 degrees may cause low-temperature scalds, but if it is soft skin, long-term contact with 45 degrees to 50 degrees may also cause low-temperature scalds.

The manufacturer’s official customer service responded, “The temperature-sensing area is right in the uterus. Due to blood circulation, local itching may be a “normal phenomenon”, and the symptoms will clear up after stopping the use. “However, some netizens disagree with the “black technology sanitary napkin”, thinking that the length of the sanitary napkin heating pack is not as short as the lower abdomen.

Many women in China complained about being burned by using

According to official information, this product seems to be only available in China.

As for the heating principle of this “black technology sanitary napkin”, plant essential oils such as wormwood and ginger are added to the heating area to promote blood circulation in the body, and the touch muscles heat up to heat itself. This is different from the iron powder used in the warm package to generate heat. Therefore, the sanitary napkin itself is not hot or hot. In theory, there should be no so-called low-temperature scald problem. The reason why users say “blisters are burned out” may be misunderstood by misunderstanding the allergic reaction of the body skin as blisters.


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