Map of the coronavirus in Mexico November 22: Hidalgo, Querétaro and Chihuahua lead outbreaks in the country

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

With 550 new deaths and 6,719 infections registered in the last 24 hours, Mexico reached a total of 101,373 deaths and 1,032,688 infections accumulated by COVID-19, according to the federal Ministry of Health.

The doctor. José Luis Alomía, Director General of Epidemiology, reported from the National Palace that as of today the positivity index is at 43%: one percentage point higher than the previous day.

At the close of epidemiological week 45, the curve of estimated cases registered an increase in 3%. Similarly, the proportion of people who have presented signs and symptoms of the disease in the last 14 days and thus potentially contribute to the spread of the virus is 3%, equivalent to 41,480 people.

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

In that sense, according to the technical document, Mexico City is the entity with the highest number of active cases, followed by Guanajuato, Nuevo Leon, Durango (moving up one position today), Jalisco and Querétaro; together they account for 52% of all active cases in the country.

However, Alomía highlighted that throughout the country there are a total of 2,746 reported outbreaks, being Hidalgo, Querétaro and Chihuahua the three states that top the outbreak monitoring list, with 755,424 and 228, respectively. However, he clarified that it is only about the cases reported to Notinmed / Sisver, so it is not necessarily about the entities with the most cases.

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By contrast, Chiapas and Campeche they have the fewest active cases, having 39 and 38, respectively. Regarding sprouts, Campeche, Tamaulipas and Edomex register 1, 5 and 5, respectively.

It should be remembered that the first 10 entities that accumulate the highest number of cases are the Mexico City, State of Mexico, Nuevo León, Guanajuato, Sonora, Veracruz, Jalisco, Coahuila, Puebla and Tabasco.

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

Regarding deaths, this week Mexico exceeded 100,000 caused by COVID-19, a threshold that only three other nations have crossed so far in the pandemic: the United States, Brazil and India.

In this context, the epidemiologist explained that for the close of the current week, there was no change in the death curve with respect to the previous day, however, compared to epidemiological week 28, in which the highest number was recorded. of deaths, there was a decrease of 44%.

In this sense, they continue to locate the Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Veracruz, Puebla, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Baja California, Sinaloa, Guanajuato and Sonoras well as the 10 entities that have registered the highest number of deaths and that together represent more than half (61.8%) of all those in the country.

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

Regarding the availability and hospital occupancy, it was reported that the SARI Network reported that there are 28,934 general beds, of which 10,635 (37%) are already employed and 18,229 (63%) available.

In this area, Durango it continues as the entity with the highest percentage of beds that are being used, with 79%; Coahuila follows with 67%; Nuevo León with 66%; Zacatecas with 63%; and Mexico City with 60%.

While of thes 10,452 beds with fans, 3,143 (30%) are occupied and 7,309 (70%) are available. Here Aguascalientes appears as the state with the highest occupancy rate, with 60%; followed by Mexico City with 55% and Nuevo León with 50%.

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

(Illustration: Jovani Pérez)


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