MAPPA’s original animation “Samurai Yasuke” will be available exclusively on Netflix at the end of April

Original animation produced by MAPPA “Samurai Yasuke(Yasuke -ヤスケ-)” is expected to be exclusively available on Netflix worldwide starting April 29th, all as 6 episodes.

An animation adapted from historical facts “Samurai Yasuke“The background of the story is set in Japan in the 16th century. It describes the first African-American warrior “Yasuke” who once lived in seclusion for a period of time. The work is starring and dubbed by Keith Lee Stanfield (Lakeith Lee Stanfield), and the official stills of the work have been released.

Director Lesen Thomas said that being able to create this work together with talented teams such as MAPPA made him feel the existence of destiny heartily. He also hopes to show the different appearances of these historical figures through this work that integrates real history, so that people who have already known it or are exposed to this history for the first time can enjoy it.


Original case · Producer · Supervisor: LeSean Thomas (LeSean Thomas)

Role setting: Koike Ken

Music & Production Director: Flying Lotus

Animation production: MAPPA


Yasuke: Keith Steinfeld


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