Maradona rejected the proposal to continue in gymnastics

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The continuity of Diego Armando Maradona as gymnastics coach is increasingly difficult. This afternoon, from the coach’s environment they rejected the proposal that the club had made in the last hours to prolong its continuity.

The information was confirmed to EL DIA by President Gabriel Pellegrino himself. According to what the leader detailed, the club offered to continue until December 2021 under the same contractual conditions that it had so far.

In turn, the lawyer for Diez, Matías Morla wrote on his Twitter account: “Diego gambled everything for Gymnastics. He did not miss a single game and even defied the recommendations of his doctors. Today those who went to look for him when everything It was set on fire, they don’t want to renew him. Maradona wants to stay in gymnastics. “

Later, Pellegrino spoke to The Sports Team in La Redonda: “Maradona did us a lot of good. The best winning proposal is this one.”

“We offered the same contract for Maradona and the answer was no. Maintaining it is already an effort for us. The problem is not Diego Armando Maradona, it is the people who run it“President El Lobo shot with respect to the environment surrounding Diez.

“I cannot say that the Maradona issue is closed,” he added.

“The people who run Maradona do not allow us to talk to him. We offered him the same contract, which is already a lot for the Club. Diego is the one who least cares about money, but there is an economic interest in his environment,” he continued.

And on that subject, he detailed: “They wanted a salary increase that we could not bear. I do not think it is he who says no to the Gymnastics proposal. There is an environment that has another economic interest. Our best proposal is this, we offered a contract until December 2021. “



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