Sport Maradona's crazy years in Cuba: fights, naked girls and...

Maradona’s crazy years in Cuba: fights, naked girls and (at least) three recognized children


With the arrival of the year 2000 Diego Armando Maradona collapsed. An excess, another one, with cocaine during the New Year’s Eve celebration ended with the Pelusa entered on the verge of death in the Uruguayan town of Punta del Este. The Argentine star arrived at the doors of the Hospital almost in a coma, with “hypertensive crisis and ventricular arrhythmia.” Doctors prevented his death by miracle overdose.

He was 39 then. I don’t want to leave this world. I’m going to fight to continue living », he said as soon as he left the clinic. Just three weeks after that episode, Maradona landed in Cuba to undergo an exhaustive detoxification program at the La Pradera health resort in Havana. The arrival of “Diez” was quite an event, apart from a resounding propaganda success for Fidel Castro. Maradona got off the plane in a very bad condition, overweight, difficulty walking and barely able to express himself. He was arriving for a six-month treatment, but ended up living in Cuba for almost five years.

Beyond a dubious drug cure, Maradona lived in Havana for a few crazy years. The center where he was admitted, La Pradera, was an open regime, so the Argentine star went in and out of there when he pleased. He could also receive as many visits as he wanted.

Very soon it began to be heard throughout the Cuban capital about the nightly adventures of Maradona. Protected by the regime, the footballers roamed freely around the capital. It was around this time that the image of Ché was tattooed on his shoulder and that of Fidel himself on his leg.

Months after his arrival he suffered a spectacular accident after colliding his car with a tourist transport bus. He stayed for an hour with his left leg trapped under the vehicle until they came to assist him. Evil tongues say that by then an Argentine journalist friend of his had already taken it upon himself to make the bottle of whiskey that had been with the victim disappear.

Apart from that there were parties, fights with the nurses of La Pradera and more than one scare caused by alcohol.

Maradona finished his first Cuban trip in 2004. Obviously without being recovered. Months later, he returned to the island after a relapse with cocaine. In 2005 he definitively abandoned any attempt to heal in Cuba.

It was not until 2019, almost twenty years after his arrival, that it became known that Maradona had left part of his legacy on the Caribbean island. It was after the appearance of some compromising photos of Maradona with two naked women that were made during one of his countless sprees there. Soon after, the star’s lawyer, Matías Morla, revealed that Maradona had recognized three Cuban boys as his children. He did not rule out that there was one more. In just four years in the Caribbean, Maradona almost managed to double his offspring.



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