Marat Khusnullin upset Russia – Newspaper Kommersant No. 137 (7338) of 07/30/2022

On July 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin in Novo-Ogaryovo. Special Correspondent “Kommersant” Andrey Kolesnikov thinks that maybe it’s good that not everyone knows how to talk to the president like that. Because if everyone could, what would it be?

When Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin receives the floor in the presence of President Vladimir Putin, one experiences a special stylistic satisfaction in advance.

“Despite all the difficulties, we fulfilled and overfulfilled all the plans, as you said,” says, for example, the Deputy Prime Minister.

And try saying that again. And most importantly, do it.

As he continues to speak, you find that the set of language describing the positive state of the construction industry is completely inexhaustible.

“We have prepared a number of system solutions, which, firstly, have already been implemented and which will help us to fulfill our plans in the future,” remarks Marat Khusnullin.

That is, on the one hand, they have only just prepared, and on the other, they have already been completed.

And in the future – even more so.

If we talk about housing construction, then “we are going ahead with an excess according to the results of the first half of the year, we have a good volume of commissioning!”.

And if doubts that housing construction is on an unprecedented rise, for some reason, have not dispelled, then here’s what:

— What makes me even more happy: 21% more building permits were issued than in the first half of 2021! – adds the Deputy Prime Minister.

Marat Khusnullin is simply unable, it seems, to fulfill the plan. He can only override it:

“Urban planning potential… what we are working out with the regions… this is the opportunity to build on land plots…” continues Mr. Khusnullin. “We have already exceeded this year’s plan! Almost 400 million square meters we have urban planning documentation! That is an opportunity to work ahead!

– Only forward! I want to scream with him.

“The groundwork has been done…” Vladimir Putin restrains himself.

But you can’t just make a backlog.

– We have made a reserve, – the vice-premier agrees, – and we continue to increase this reserve!

With a mortgage now, only at first glance, everything is not very good. This is only until Marat Khusnullin spoke about her:

— Here, many thanks for your decision at the St. Petersburg forum — seriously, the market has revived! A difficult situation: people live in anticipation… Yes, we have not yet gained the necessary pace, but I can say that we are moving confidently on family mortgages!

I have already said and I will say it again: the story of Marat Khusnullin is instructive because all this is true. What he says. He doesn’t exaggerate. He paints an oil painting:

— On family mortgages, we issued 220% more money than in the first half of 2021, and in quantitative terms on loans — by 133%! And now we see: in July it is gaining a steady pace!

But he does not talk about mortgages for long: there are not enough trump cards. And what you need, he said.

— The next set of questions. Many thanks, Vladimir Vladimirovich, for the approved five-year program! – the vice-premier is glad. – We have never approved the newest five-year programs in the history!

It’s about roads.

– Here the numbers are simply pleasing to the eye! – he admits. – We already have 75.5% in the second half of the year in the largest agglomerations, the plan – by the end of the year there will be 79% (put in order. – A.K.)! We must reach 85% in 2023–2024! This is the national goal in your decree! We will achieve it!

– By the end of the year will be 79%?! the President asks with disbelief in his voice at first glance.

In fact, he so wants to believe … We just need to confirm once again …

– Yes, it will already be … – Marat Khusnullin confirms.

These words, only at first glance, are not easy for him. In fact, they are just weighty. It’s also about responsibility.

– I would like to say a few words about the Europe-Western China route, – continues the vice-premier.

Well, yes, it’s not very clear what Europe has to do with it now, but maybe he means by Europe, for example, Moscow. After all, until recently, she really was her.

“This road,” says Mr. Khusnullin, “we started building a year and a half ago. Vladimir Vladimirovich, I previously reported to you that we have every chance this year to launch 95 kilometers earlier this year. If something unforeseen does not happen, we will launch specific three stages by the end of the year!

– Very well! – Vladimir Putin no longer hides his feelings.

– It will be such a transnational corridor of almost 7 thousand kilometers! – Marat Khusnullin does not hide his feelings.

As soon as he, on behalf of the President, took control of road safety, “the total accident rate on the roads decreased by 7%. Accidents on roads where there were bad roads decreased by 22%, and accidents with a driver in a state of intoxication decreased by 22%! This is a very high rate!”

– This is also connected with the toughening of punishment, – for some reason, Mr. Putin is trying to absolve himself of responsibility.

– Yes, – admits Marat Khusnullin, but the habit of telling the truth in person takes its toll. – That is, we are systematically doing this!

The most sensitive issue is construction in the LPR and DPR (Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.— “uh”).

– I wanted to offer you this concept – a master plan for the development of the city of Mariupol, – he says. – We have worked out completely on your instructions. Here is a squeeze, in fact, already written on 100 pages of such a work, where we painted in great detail over the years how we will restore Mariupol. I can say that according to the plan that is presented here, within three years we can completely restore the city. Of the new things: we have somewhat changed the boundaries of the plan – we propose to include an airport in it. We are also starting to restore it.

What he just said, everyone, by the way, will remember. Why, Marat Khusnullin is striving for this.

“We have created a completely new transport infrastructure, and we want to use the railway and restore all tram traffic. We plan to make a new transport interchange hub, where there will be a railway station, a port and tram lines! he says. “We worked out completely new standards of streets with parking space, with landscaping. We have worked out a completely historical part of the city and are planning to hold a competition with the participation of our famous architects. We worked out the entire engineering infrastructure completely in the city, worked out the embankment!

So far, only those who destroyed them have expressed themselves in this spirit about these objects.

“We looked at the development of the industry,” continues the Deputy Prime Minister. “We looked at the possibility of what will happen to the fate of Azovstal, we are discussing this issue a lot with the residents, we see that it is still possible to save some jobs there without restoring hazardous production. But there are generally 40 million tons of waste – an environmental problem. It needs to be cleaned up

40 million tons is something that does not fit in the head.

“They didn’t do it,” Vladimir Putin is upset.

“They didn’t study, they squeezed everything out of there,” Marat Khusnullin worries. “And now we want to make a completely new look for the city, with our own face. Color solutions, architectural solutions – we painted everything in detail!

– As for social infrastructure facilities, the leadership of the Donetsk Republic asked for assistance in the construction of a multidisciplinary medical center in Mariupol, and in Donetsk – a perinatal center, since the maternity hospital was old, but it also turned out to be destroyed in during the course of hostilities,” continues Mr. Putin. “I think that within a couple of years both can be built, especially since in Mariupol, with regard to the multidisciplinary medical center, this can be done with the FMBA (Federal Medical and Biological Agency. — “uh”). I spoke with the leadership of this structure: they are ready, they have, as you know, the relevant plans approved in advance. They did the same center, in my opinion, in Yalta, right?

Vladimir Putin hits the living: Crimea has already received its own.

– How long does it take, do you think? he asks bluntly.

— Vladimir Vladimirovich, I think that in 2023 we will put it into operation!

Well, here even the Russian president himself does not finally believe:

– Will they work?

“Yes,” Marat Khusnullin simply shrugs his shoulders.

– Both? And in Donetsk too?! – just in case, the Russian president is perplexed.

“I can say for sure about Mariupol, because the project is already ready,” Marat Khusnullin slows down for a moment. “We will adapt it to the site and quickly begin to build it. We will work on Donetsk a little more, but we will also strive to fully launch it by the end of 2023!

That is, both.

But something else haunts Vladimir Putin.

— What do you think… now back to Russia… what is your forecast for housing construction? the President asks.

— Vladimir Vladimirovich, this year we will have no less! – Marat Khusnullin is inspired. – Moreover, the groundwork that we have done, we will try to fulfill our plans next year!

— Will it be 92? – Vladimir Putin asks in anticipation of hearing the figure.

“I think it will be 92-93 million square meters,” Marat Khusnullin responds with feeling, savoring every word.

– Good! the President responds.

And there is no doubt: he is now really good.

Andrey Kolesnikov

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