Marathon advances to the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League with suffering after a heart-stopping penalty shootout

Estelí, Nicaragua.

Marathón reached the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League with great suffering after winning on penalties (4-5) against Real Estelí in the second leg of the round of 16 at the Independencia stadium.

The Green Monster could not maintain the 2-0 lead it had achieved in the first leg and the Nicaraguan team managed to equalize the aggregate 2-2 to take the game to a heart-stopping penalty shootout, where Denovan Torres became a figure by covering four shots and scoring one and Frelys López decided the classification.


In the 7th minute, Marathon gave the first warning. A free kick by Mario Martínez was headed by Edwin Solani Solano, but the ball went just wide of the Nicaraguan goal. At 11 ‘, another free kick launched by’ El Zurdo ‘, however this time he could not connect the ram.

Real Estelí responded on 16 ‘. The ball was served to Brandon Ayerdis inside the purslane area and his shot was stopped without problems by Denovan Torres.

In the 19th minute, the arrival of Allans Vargas, she assisted Brayan Castillo who sent her to save to the back of Denvern Fox’s goal, but the Honduran forward was in an advanced position and the goal was disallowed.

At 22 ‘, there was a blackout in the stadium lanterns and the game was delayed about 10 minutes. When play resumed, the locals took possession of the ball and were very close to scoring.

Brando Ayerdis finished inside the area after a bad clearance by Denovan Torres, but with a miraculous Mathías Techera saved on the line to avoid the goal. Great intervention by the Uruguayan defender, in the 33rd minute.

Real Estelí kept insisting and found a prize. In the 40th minute, Ayerdis won with a header, Torres went wrong and the ball was left at the mercy of Brazilian striker Danilo Farías and only pushed the ball to make the game 1-0.


In the second part, the tone of the game was the same. The locals were still on top and reached the Denovan Torres frame with great danger. The field was not their best ally for the emeralds.

Danilo Farías almost signed an anthological goal. The South American striker took off the mark of Carlos García and was left alone before Denovan Torres, he wanted to make him a Vaseline, but the goalkeeper managed to keep the ball, this in the 60th minute. What an opportunity!

On the next play, Marathon answered with a strong right hand from Kervin Arriaga and goalkeeper Denvern Fox covered to avoid the fall of his cabin.

Real Estelí hit Marathón hard again in the 75th minute. Newcomer to the game, Widman Talavera headed a cross from the left and surprised Denovan Torres who froze doing nothing. Paired series, 2-2.

In 82 ‘, Frelys López had it after a good pass, but her shot was deflected by a defender and the ball went just above the Nicaraguan goal.

The game went to penalties. Denovan Torres vindicated himself, he ended up being key and the greens are in the next round of the contest.


REAL ESTELÍ: 22 Denvern Fox; 27 Josué Quijano, 24 Cristiam Gutiérrez, 2 Cacá Basílio (Vinicius de Souza, min.84), 4 Óscar López; 8 Richard Rodríguez, 14 Marlon López (Luis Acuña, min.67), 23 Óscar Acevedo, 18 Brandon Ayerdis (Keylon Batiz, min.46); 21 Cristhian Flores (Widman Talavera, min.67) and 11 Danilo Farías.

Coach: José Luis Trejo.

MARATHÓN: 25 Denovan Torres; 15 Allans Vargas, 23 Mathías Techera, 27 Carlos García, 7 Emilio Izaguirre (Walter Ramírez, min.82); 10 Mario Martínez (Carlo Costly, min.74), 65 Isaac Castillo (9 Frelys López, min.64), 8 Luis Garrido, 33 Kervin Arriaga, 30 Edwin Solani Solano and 38 Brayan Castillo.

Coach: Martin Garcia.

REFEREES: Óscar Mancias (MEX), Christian Espinosa (MEX), Andrés Hernández (MEX) and Jaime Herrera (ELS).


Goal Richard Rodríguez, 1-0

Goal Kervin Arriaga, 1-1

Goal Luis Acuña, 2-1

Goal Allans Vargas, 2-2

Goal Danilo Farías, 3-2

Edwin Solani Solano failed, 3-2

Josué Quijano failed, 3-2

Gol Carlo Costly, 3-3

Falló Vinicius de Souza, 3-3

Brayan Castillo failed, 3-3

Widman Talavera failed, 3-3

Mathias Techera failed, 3-3

Goal Óscar López, 4-3

Goal Denovan Torres, 4-4

Cristiam Gutiérrez failed, 4-4

Walter Ramirez failed, 4-4

Oscar Acevedo failed, 4-4

Goal Frelys López, 4-5


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