Marathon Day: Deputies treats front labeling and tax relief | Live: special session in the lower house

Three weeks before the elections, the electoral campaign did not take long to sneak into the session and turned the first hours of the debate into a ring of crosses and Chicanas between the ruling party and the opposition.

Together for Change, which refused from the beginning to postpone the tributes and questions of privilege to speed up the day, took advantage of the venue to attack the national government and repeat several of the discursive axes with which it is campaigning.

The FdT accused the opposition of carrying out a “circus in pursuit of an electoral show”, and several legislators from the ruling party took the post and took the opportunity to target former President Mauricio Macri.

At 12:45, the deputies of the ruling party and the opposition sat in their benches to give the quorum that had not been achieved two weeks ago and began the first face-to-face debate since the beginning of the pandemic.

The electoral context and the abstinence of not having been in session for more than three months, however, were quickly palpable. And it is that having failed to reach an agreement in Parliamentary Labor, shortly after the session began, the FdT and JxC began a technical debate on the possibility or not of postponing the tributes and the questions of privilege until the end of the session to speed up the treatment of the agenda.

“The questions of privilege are used as political demonstrations and there are people outside waiting for the enactment of these laws,” warned Cecilia Moreau before proposing a point of order to postpone that debate until the end of the session. Although the motion was approved, the show of the questions of privilege was replaced by the show of the regulation sections, a tool that technically serves to propose incorporating new projects to the agenda on tables and that, in this case, was used as a platform for JxC to attack the national government for more than three hours.

Clean sheet, Mapuche conflict, Chubut participation and a tweet from Minister Aníbal Fernández: these were some of the issues that crept into the debate with the excuse of introducing new projects on the agenda.

“The feeling in the area is one of lack of protection, helplessness, if not complicity. Protect society from these violent groups,” Gustavo Menna (UCR) from Chubut was outraged in reference to the conflict that is developing in various parts of Patagonia. , refloating the JxC campaign speech that seeks to associate a series of intentional fires with the actions of a Mapuche “terrorist” group.

There were several opposition legislators who took advantage, with the excuse of demanding the convocation of the crisis committee that contemplates the Internal Security Law, to criticize different government figures arguing that “they were not doing anything” to stop “the terrorists pseudo mapuches “.

There was even a request for impeachment against the Minister of Security for a tweet that addressed the cartoonist Nik: “I lived in Sicily and Calabria and I know that this is how the mafia works,” argued the deputy Fernando Iglesias.

“Labeling and the project for homeless people are two projects that generate a lot of interest in a large part of society and it is evident that JxC, in addition to doing its electoral show, is trying to prevent us from discussing these issues in front of the people. Obviously the pressure of the concentrated powers that we have seen these days are having an effect on them “, denounced Rodolfo Tailhade, outside the venue.

The FdT also took advantage of the ring to throw a few blows. “We have to end the capital flight mechanism and with businessmen like former President Macri, who says that no one makes money by paying taxes,” fired the official deputy Pablo Carro, when proposing to debate the National Law of Prohibition of Economic Aid to Domiciled Companies in Tax Havens.

On the other hand, the Federal Consensus deputy, Graciela Camano, also tried to incorporate her bill to declare a marine protected area “Blue Hole” to the place where the remains of the submarine ARA San Juan are located, a proposal that, like the twenty of initiatives that were presented for more than three hours, was rejected.

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