Sport Marathón prescribes beating a Platense who continues to suffer...

Marathón prescribes beating a Platense who continues to suffer in the Clausura – Ten


Marathon liked and thrashed a weak 5-2 Platense at Yankel Rosenthal Stadium in San Pedro Sula for day 8 of the Closing tournament of the National League of Honduras.

Clausura tournament standings


Min. 90 – Yellow card for Frelys López forward from Marathón.

Min. 80 – Gooooal de Platense goooooool by Nicolás Lugli after a cross from the right by Víctor Aráuz.

Min. 66 – Henry Ayala is the last change of Platense instead of Diego Reyes.

Min. 65 – Marathón’s last change: Carlos Discua leaves John Paul Suazo.

Min. 59 – Two changes of Marathón: Salen Mario Martínez and Edwin Solani, enter Frelys López and Marlon Ramírez.

Min. 59 – Second change of Platense: Sale Carlo Costly enters Nicolás Lugli.

Min. 55 – Goooooooool by Marathón Bruno Volpi after Carlos Discua center, Zúniga deflected and the ball hit the Argentinian just to push.

Min 49 – Argentine defender Esteban Espíndola is cautioned for a hard tackle against Diego Reyes.

Min. 47 – Gooooooool by Marathón gooooooool by Mario Martínez, free kick, threw the ball down when everyone was waiting for it from above.

Min. 46 – Yellow card for the Jeancarlo Vargas flyer for claims against the referee.

Min. 46 – First change of Platense: Enter Marcos Martínez instead of Jeffri Flores.


Min. 44 – Third warning of the match and is for Henry Figueroa for lack of Diego Reyes.

Min. 43 – Gooooool of Platense goooool by Jeancarlo Vargas who got into the left wing and with the help of Denovan Torres were able to deduct.

Min. 41 – Yellow card for Carlos Discua for a hard tackle on Ilce Barahona.

Min. 38 – Goooooool of Marathón goooool of Henry Figueroa that arrived only on the second post and launched to deflect it.

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Min. 37 – Mario Martínez serves on the edge of the area to Bryan Martinez who shot the ball went to the corner kick.

Min. 34 – First yellow card of the match and is for Panamanian Luis Jaramillo after kicking Mario Martínez.

Min. 33 – Solani escape from the left wing, got into the area and served Yerson but could not deflect the ball.

Min. 31 – Gooooooool of Marathón gooool of Yerson Gutiérrez after a stolen ball of Solani in the midfield to Araúz when he waited for it to reach his feet, then served the Colombian who sent him to the bottom right.

Min. 26 – Marathón was close to scoring after a free kick by Carlos Discua and Henry Ficgueroa from the right crashed the ball into the post, after the rebound Edwin Solani kicked and took Zúniga, fell to Espíndola and goalkeeper stopped again.

Min. 14 – Free kick for Marathón, the defense of the Platense deflected and corner kick for the purslane.

Min. 4 – Lack of Jeffri Flores on Bruno Volpi and the one in charge of making the free kick was Mario Martínez and he spent a great goal on the ball stopped a minute later.

Min. 3 – Free kick for the Platense that the Panamanian Luis Jaramillo executed but the goalkeeper could control without problems.

Min. 1 – First arrival of danger and it was through a center of Carlos Discua and Bruno Volpi tried in the head area.


2:55 PM – The players of both teams leave already ready for the start of the match.

Clausura tournament standings

2:30 PM – Marathon and Platense players are already on the Yankel court doing warm-up work.

2:28 PM – Marathon Alignment: 25 Denovan Torres, 12 José Carlos Perdomo, 21 Esteban Espíndola, 3 Henry Figueroa, 6 Adrián Ramírez, 10 Mario Martínez, 38 Bryan Martínez, 7 Carlos Discua, 30 Edwin Solano, 20 Bruno Volpi and 31 Yerson Gutiérrez. DT Héctor Vargas (Argentina).

2:25 PM – Platense Alignment: 1 Rafael Zúniga, 17 Víctor Aráuz, 3 Dabirson Castillo, 44 ​​Jeffri Flores, 28 César Oseguera, 12 Jeancarlo Vargas, 25 Hesller Morales, 20 Luis Jaramillo, 14 Ilce Barahona, 13 Carlo Costly and 11 Diego Reyes. DT John Jairo López (Colombia).

1:30 PM – Both teams are already on the sports stage, ready for this League match.

Time: 3:00 PM

Transmit: TDTV +



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