Marathon runner Martin Korth: Simply a man who runs

One morning in November, Martin Korth, with narrow glasses and a chin beard, is standing in Schleswig’s city park. His gaze goes over the Schlei, a 42 kilometer long branch of the Baltic Sea. Sailboats teeter on the pier in the early sunlight. A cool wind blows in the face of the 45-year-old man who has been mentally disabled since he was born. And to whom the sport was alien for a long time because his body didn’t seem made for it.

Korth has chosen an eye-catching outfit: cap, running shirt and the neatly brushed fingernails all in pink. He is holding a rubber duck in his hand. Four colleagues from the workshop for the disabled have come, they have made signs and a start number. They’ll stand by the track, cheer him on.

Because Korth has big plans for this day. When the pandemic tore him out of his social circle in the spring, he was no longer allowed to work and the bad days piled up, he decided to run a marathon, alone, just for himself. Because there were almost no running events in 2020.

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