Marbelle left Colombia and traveled to Cancun, Mexico

The victory of the left in Colombia caused hundreds of users on social networks to fall for the singer Marbelle, who during the electoral period She was shown as one of the main detractors of the leader of the Historical Pact. Well, after a few months of thinking about it, the artist apparently made a radical decision that surprised her opponents.

In the last hours, Marbelle shocked the networks with some photos that she deleted after a few minutes in which she showed the exotic place where he is currently, far from Colombia. In fact, in the image you can see a paradisiacal beach with a beautiful panorama. The singer herself shared her location: Cancun, Mexico.

Similarly, he uploaded a photo hugging his daughter Rafaella as if it were a farewell, but this postcard was also removed from his Instagram account. However, to the misfortune of the artist, Internet users managed to capture the images in a matter of seconds and they quickly went viral.

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Here some of the images:

Instagram: @marbelleoficial
Instagram: @marbelleoficial
Instagram: @marbelleoficial
Instagram: @marbelleoficial

why did he leave Marbelle from Colombia?

So far, the reason for Marbelle’s presence in Mexico is unknown. Some speculate about a definitive move and others assure that he is on a concert tour in that country. and that his stay is temporary, so he would return to Colombia.

And it is that the singer has been very pointed out by her critics, who ask her to fulfill her promise to leave Colombia, because they do not want to see her even in painting. Even, Facebook users dared to create an event called ‘Farewell to Marbelle’in which they proposed to the Valle del Cauca a tentative date for her possible departure from Colombia

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