Marc Delire, target of hateful comments after his return to “La Tribune”: “Social networks? It’s a dumping ground for frustrated people”

The sports journalist joined Benjamin Deceuninck’s team on Tipik.

This Monday evening, Marc Delire, sports journalist known for his outspokenness, joined the team of The gallery on Tipik. A return to the fold that did not only make people happy. On the Web, his detractors are unleashed. “Benjamin, we no longer look at your platform just because Delire is there, outside”, “The worst transfer of the season: Delire… when will Pauwels return ???”, “As soon as I saw it was on the air, I changed the channel. It’s called a race to the bottom”, “I have nothing against Marc Delire (the person) but I can’t stand his arrogance” or “Delirium a shame for RTBF”Are among the many hateful comments that can be found on social media since the show aired.

Questioned by us, Marc Delire tells us not to pay attention to these negative comments, simply because he does not care.

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