Marc Van Ranst furious after seeing the images of this Saturday evening: “Some will never understand”

This Saturday evening, the images of the black and crowded Grand-Place in Brussels caused a lot of talk. It must be said that, in this period of health crisis, and while the Concertation Committee took strong decisions on Friday, such a situation raises questions …

These thousands of Belgians who had gathered to discover the Christmas tree and to attend the spectacle of sounds and lights pushed the police to intervene: “We do not control intensively because it seems that these are mainly family bubbles. But there are a lot of people and we therefore put additional teams on it, ”confirmed the spokesperson for the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police, our colleagues from Laatste Nieuws.

Obviously, these scenes, to say the least, made Marc Van Ranst react. The virologist has indeed expressed himself on Twitter and has not managed to hide his annoyance: “Some people understand for themselves, others understand when it is explained to them, and some will never understand”, has t – he dropped, referring to people who do not seem to understand that it is essential to avoid places with high traffic if we want to end this virus.


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