Marc Van Ranst warns of a “time bomb”: “I do not understand that they are not vaccinated”

This Tuesday, the vaccination rate for health facility staff . Nationwide, vaccination coverage for hospital staff reached 90.6%. It is a little less on the side of workers in Belgian rest homes where the rate is 86.9%. If the figures seem encouraging, great disparities exist between regions. For example, in nursing homes, 93.8% of staff are vaccinated in Flanders. While in Wallonia and Brussels, there are only 78.5% and 66.9% of vaccinated among workers in nursing and care homes. Something to worry about the virologist Marc Van Ranst (KULeuven). “It is incomprehensible that they are not vaccinated,” he exclaimed on Twitter, stressing that these caregivers “had witnessed the tragedies experienced in nursing homes”.

“A time bomb”

Asked by Het Nieuwsblad, the Flemish expert warned of the consequences of this too low vaccination rate in Brussels nursing homes. “If the residents’ immunity decreases a little bit, it will become a time bomb,” he warned. “We will then have to fear new epidemics in Brussels nursing homes.”

To avoid this scenario, the virologist insisted on the need to inject a third dose to all residents of nursing homes in Brussels. Health ministers also reached a agreement on the subject this Wednesday within the Interministerial Conference .

Compulsory vaccination is looming …

Frank Vandenbroucke ( in turn reacted to the vaccination figures for hospitals and nursing homes, disclosed this morning. “Compulsory vaccination of nursing staff is imperative,” he said. “I am awaiting the five opinions that I have requested in the coming days. A working group is looking into the legal aspects and consultation with the social partners is underway. I hope that we can still tie up this essential dossier beforehand. the end of the year.”

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