Marcel Javaux’s analysis after Belgium-Portugal

The former referee and former RTBF flagship consultant dissects the performance of the German referee.

Brych Dr.  Felix

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Brych Dr. Felix

The Red Devils certainly suffered against Portugal, but they were not helped by the refereeing either. This is essentially what we can learn from the post-match analysis of Marcel Javaux.

Arbitrator and retired consultant, he analyzes the contentious phases of the match on his official website and he is not tender with Felix Brych who was “much too tolerant”, even if Marcel Javaux considers not to be “the most objective person” to analyze his match, because he watched the meeting as support Devils, of course.

However, the former referee judges “that one cannot blame” Felix Brych for the pulling of shirt on Romelu Lukaku. “It was yellow-orange” for the foul on Kevin De Bruyne, but above all, Marcel Javaux believes that Pepe should have been excluded for his foul on Thorgan Hazard. “He plays the man and he touches the man, it’s villainous and it’s an indisputable red card,” he insists.

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