Marcelo Polino, on Carmen Barbieri’s health: “She is in a pharmacological coma”

On his radio show Authentic polino, Marcelo polino gave details this Saturday about the health of her friend Carmen Barbieri, who is admitted to the Zabala clinic for respiratory complications derived from the coronavirus.

The driver revealed that he contacted Federico Bal, son of the actress, and that it was he who confirmed the delicate picture that his mother is going through. “Carmen is in a drug coma. I spoke with Fede and unfortunately his picture has become a bit complicated. She is intubated. It is shocking to confirm this news that I did not want to give. We ask our listeners to accompany it with a prayer, those who are believers, or with good energy, because that comes, “he said, shocked, before asking the operator to go to the publicity session to recover.

After the break, in dialogue with Nicolás Scarpino, Barbieri’s partner and director in the play A premiere or a wake, produced by Flavio Mendoza, Polino indicated: “Carmen took great care of herself. There is a factor of chance that cannot be controlled ”. He also confessed: “I had been rowing it a lot, but with the theme of Carmen, with the theme of Flavio [que también dio positivo en Coronavirus en las últimas horas] and from some of my colleagues from work, a fear began to me two days ago ”.

Barbieri has been hospitalized since January 20, after catching Covid-19 and developing bilateral pneumonia. On Thursday the news broke that she had been transferred to intensive care after her condition worsened.

“I remember when I was wrong that you on the other side asked a lot for my recovery. Now I ask all believers and non-believers to ask and send beautiful energies for my old woman. They had to transfer her to intensive care, the picture was complicated, do not stop taking care of yourself, “wrote Bal on Twitter.


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