March earthquake will happen in these places

04:24 PM

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Dutch expert, Frank Hogerbets, ignored the fierce criticism directed at him regarding his predictions of earthquakes that the world would witness in the first week of March.
“The convergence of critical planetary geometry on March 2 and 5 may lead to large to very large seismic activity, and perhaps even a massive earthquake between March 3 and 4, with a magnitude of 8,” Hogerbits said in a tweet.
The Dutch expert previously predicted the earthquake in Turkey and Syria three days before it occurred, but many researchers consider it deceptive.
The controversial Dutchman published a video linking the expected seismic activities to the full moon. And he stressed again that the first week of March “will be critical,” and stressed that he “does not try to cause panic,” but rather warns of the calculations of the movement of planets that result in great seismic activities on the globe.
Hogerbets identified two scenarios: the first might be facing great seismic activity on the 3rd or 4th of March, followed by small activities in the following days, or that this large activity would be on March 6th or 7th, preceded by small seismic activities. Linking the two scenarios to the movement of the planets and the full moon. He stressed again that “it is not possible to know exactly what will happen.”
He continued: We had some fluctuations in the West Coast area of ​​North America, and the Kermadec Trench.
He explained, “But these fluctuations were vague and not very convincing, and there was a more pronounced fluctuation west of the Pacific Ocean again, and then Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands and Japan in the north, to the Philippines and also perhaps Sulawesi and Halmahera Island, and perhaps even Indonesia in the Banda Sea.”
Surprisingly, the Iraqi geologist, Salih Muhammad Awad, entered the forecast line, and said that there is a possibility of an earthquake on March 8 next in the Anatolian plate region.
Saleh stated that the earthquake will be less harmful than that of Turkey and Syria on February 6,” noting that “the prediction of an earthquake or earthquakes is based on a set of indicators and calculations, and accordingly advice is given that an earthquake will occur in a specific place, and the concerned authorities can take it into account.” Firstly”.
He explained that “the Anatolian plate is weak and dangerous, and earthquakes began to spread after Turkey’s devastating earthquake, and the plate is exposed to more than 200 tremors of devastating earthquakes.” The same situation on February 6, but the next earthquake will be less in losses due to the distance of the planets Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

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