Marco Antonio Solís in mourning for the loss of a special person

Known as THE Bukithe mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis he lost a member of his team in a spectacular accident, which is why he is in mourning.

The singer originally from Michoacán is part of the guild of the most recognized artists in Mexico, among them are Juan Gabriel, Joan Sebastian and Ana Gabriel, Marco Antonio Solis has fallen in love with millions with his romantic songs.

The loss of any person is always painful, even more when the person was a family, friend or worker and collaborator, as happened with the singer and interpreter of “If I could lie to you”, he was one of the people who worked for the staff.

Unfortunately, I have to corroborate the accident that my staff’s bus had in which unfortunately we suffered the loss of the operator of this unit. We join the sensitive and painful moment of his family and friends, “shared the singer.

The tragedy occurred on a highway on the way to Michoacán, it was a pipe that transported gasoline, unfortunately the driver lost control of the transport, which caused him to collide with the bus of Marco Antonio’s staff.

The staff bus driver lost his life instantly, the photographs that have been shared on the Internet are extremely graphic, out of respect for the driver and the artist, they will not be shared in the note, so as not to hurt susceptibilities with said images.

Since the news was released and even more so because it was the personality of who said vehicle belonged to, authorities, firefighters and civil protection immediately arrived at the place.

The news was shared on May 22, 2019, although the mere fact of remembering what happened again removes feelings of knowing that a collaborator and friend has left their place on earth.

Marco Antojo Solís is a spiritual person, it is not known if the loss of this person had something to do with his way of being, but the singer recently shared some phrases that surely make us think and want to change our thinking and acting.

You learn, over time, that you don’t always leave certain places when you want, but when the other party decides. Understanding and accepting it is part of growing and moving forward. Let us always remember: God’s times are perfect … “she shared on Twitter.

Recognized not only in Mexico but in America and perhaps some parts of Europe the singer also known as “El Buki” due to the group that bore the name of “Los Bukis” of which he took charge not only in the direction but also He was the one who wrote songs and interrogated them, after his separation this nickname accompanied him, to this day he continues to do so.

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Although the singer-songwriter is 60 years old, he continues to give charming concerts, he continues to give loving sighs to everyone who listens to him, being the artist that he is, it can be said that few like him who continue to have a voice that is extremely careful and equal to when he was young.

With 50 years of career, Marco Antonio Solís has established himself as one of the greatest representatives of romantic music in Mexico, the last album he released was three years ago, however thanks to the great repertoire that he has so much with the group “Los Bukis” As an individual artist, they are enough and there are still enough to choose to interpret in each of their presentations.

Could it be that with these fifty years he has planned to release a new album with his best hits, a new collaboration perhaps, or surprise his fans, it is a celebration that should not go unnoticed.

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