Marco Panari’s Career Journey, Angela Gilsha’s Sister Who Died

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Sad news coming from the Indonesian entertainment industry. Pesinetron Marco Panari passed away on Saturday (30/1).

The man, who died at the age of 23, is also known as the younger brother of the beautiful soap opera Angela Gilsha.

Marco Panari was born on September 19, 1997, and has a mixture of Italian, Balinese and Toraja blood.

The father is Gipanari is Italian, while the mother is Sha Alberthiene Hartini of Balinese and Toraja descent.

Marco started his career on social media AskFM. There, he often does questions and answers with fans and friends.

Then, chance to jump in Becoming an actor appeared when her older sister, Angela Gilsha, became widely known.

Until finally, Marco tried to follow in his brother’s footsteps to play in soap operas Bajaj Bang Gocir in 2016 ago.

Then, he has also acted as Rembu in soap operas He is not Human in 2020. At that time, Marco collided with Dylan Carr.

At present, Marco’s departure is enough to make fans and management, namely Form Management, surprised.

They still don’t know what was the cause of Marco’s death. According to the doctor, Angela Gilsha’s younger sister died of choking.

“If the doctor says it seems choking. Then wait for the police,” said Agung, a representative of Form Management.

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