Marcos Tenório Bastinhas – Receives death threats: «More days, less days, you have a surprise»

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Marcos Tenório Bastinhas resorted to social media to reveal that he was threatened with death. The son of Joaquim Bastinhas, who died on December 31, 2018, denounced, this Sunday, May 24, the threats of which he is being victim and exposed the messages he has received through private messages on the social networks.

«It is sad and I feel sorry for these people being like this», wrote the husband of Dahlia Madruga in the caption of two images where it displays death threats. The knight also shared on his official Facebook account the face of the person who has threatened him, although he does not reveal his name.

In the images it is possible to read that Marcos will, one day, “be surprised when he starts the car”. «More days, less days, you have a surprise when you start the car. It is for all the animals you are making to suffer. It’s called Karma ”, reads.

The internet user who threatened Marcos also revealed that Joaquim Bastinhas «must be in hell » and that the child will also have a reserved place [no inferno]. «Your place is saved there».

The fans were not indifferent to the publication and quickly left a message of support: «Who is this freak? You must have escaped psychiatry »,«Friend Marcos, there is no point in responding to these people. They don’t know how to respect the opinion of others »,« Marcos, continue to do what you like. We are on your side »,«Dog that barks, does not bite. The best is to ignore and block »,« These kind of people don’t deserve you to spend your time and energy. They are very poor in spirit, they are very small people! »,« Go on being the great being that you are. Your father was a great Master, up there he will be watching over you and yours and proud to see that you continue to honor his name », are some examples.

It’s sad and I feel sorry for these people being like this …

Published by Marcos Tenório Bastinhas on Saturday, 23 May 2020

Marcos Tenório Bastinhas underwent surgical intervention to remove an inguinal hernia

Marcos Tenório Bastinhas was operated on in order to remove an inguinal hernia. The knight showed up on May 11, in the hospital bed, where he made it known that he had undergone a surgical procedure. According to him, the health problem was caused by the erosion of his profession as a bullfighting rider. Marcos Tenório Bastinhas is married to Dália Madruga and the couple have two daughters in common, clear and Alice.

Marcos Tenório Bastinhas remembers his father, with nostalgia: «Stay alive in me»

Text: Márcia Alves; DR Photos

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