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Marcos Vázquez presents UNICA Wellness

by archyde

ONLY undertakes a new project focused on improving the physical and emotional health of its workers. ONLY Well-being is born from the evolution of UNIQUE Active and it goes beyond physical activity, based on three basic pillars: emotional, physical and nutritional well-being.

The beginning of this new stage has been marked by a special event, aimed at the employees of all the cooperatives of ONLYand which has had the support of Marcos Vázquez, creator of Revolutionary Fitness.

Director of ONLY, Enrique de los Ríos, explains how this project arose as a result of the pandemic since “after Covid, we had a break and we lost contact with each other a bit. We saw that we had to resume physical activity, take care of ourselves again, including a very important factor that was emotional care and mental health.” ONLY Well-being includes this new component of emotional well-being in a world that “has changed a lot, which is more digital, with social networks that subject us to scrutiny all the time… We need something new, a person who serves to motivate and a blow to draw attention”, referring to the launch event that took place yesterday at the Science and Technology Park PITA.

“We all deserve to have the best quality of life possible and in a company that is worth working for. That is the ultimate goal of this initiative: Caring for people and the organization for the sake of common well-being”, concludes de los Ríos.

Marcos Vázquez, creator of Revolutionary Fitness.

Marcos Vázquez is a true benchmark in the health and wellness sector. The acclaimed author of books such as ‘Invicto’ or ‘Saludable Mente’, he also has the most listened to fitness and health podcast in Spanish. the creator of Revolutionary Fitness stressed that for him “it is an honor to collaborate with this cooperative with a mission as it is ONLY. Precisely within its mission is the will to take care of its team of professionals in all dimensions of health. Many times we stay on the physical plane, but here we will place a lot of emphasis on emotional, social and environmental health, in such a way that team cohesion is generated and that we are aware that healthy individuals generate healthy organizations and, in turn, create healthy societies. This is just the beginning of a series of challenges that will be carried out in the coming months”.

with this program ONLY aims to improve the lives of its professionals and, consequently, increase motivation in the performance of their duties. During the next few months, ONLY Well-being will develop a series of activities divided into different blocks such as mental health, nutrition, sleep quality or physical exercise. An offshoot of the program is based on a wellness App designed to achieve corporate engagement, team spirit, sustainability, and inclusion.

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