Maria Eleanor’s confession was dragged into a murder case and slowly got up

JAKARTA, – It took seven years after being free, for the artist Maria Eleanor or Lidya Pratiwi to finally dare to appear in public.

Not hiding, this woman who used to be named Lidya Pratiwi wants to continue to live like people in general.

It is known, the dreams and career that Lidya Pratiwi built just shattered when she was dragged into the murder case of the Naek Gonggom Hutagalung model in 2006.

What is his real life like when his name is caught up in the murder case committed by his mother and uncle until now.

The following is a summary of the story, summarized from the video on the YouTube channel Feni Rose Official.

I was traumatized to hear the name Putri Duyung cottege

Maria Eleanor, admitted that she had experienced trauma to see or even hear about Putri Duyung Cottage’s inn.

He has felt the trauma since he was dragged into the murder case of the Naek Gonggom model in 2006 which took place in Tongkol 59 Putri Duyung’s room, Ancol, North Jakarta.

“Before, I didn’t want to listen, I didn’t want to see,” said Maria Eleanor.

For him, before the incident happened, the Mermaid Princess was a happy place where his extended family used to gather.

“Mermaid Princess is a vacation spot for our extended family, from childhood, our habit is on vacation. So it’s not a scary, strange or suspicious, familiar place,” said the 33-year-old artist.

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As a lawyer who handled the case, Maria Eleanor, who was still a dozen years old, was grateful to be met with Hotman Paris.

That famous lawyer makes him look tough when he meets many people.

“Brother (Hotman) is like a soldier or not. ‘Don’t do this, don’t cry,’ fierce, fierce brother,” said Maria Eleanor.

If Hotman didn’t exist in the past, Maria Eleanor admitted, maybe she would be a person who cries easily.

Therefore, for Maria Hotman Paris’ support was enormous at that time.

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Left by a girlfriend

Having fallen down by a ladder, not only was her future destroyed, Maria Eleanor was also abandoned by her lover.

Instead of accompanying her, her boyfriend ran away and his whereabouts were unknown.

“Had (a girlfriend), it ended,” said Maria Eleanor.

“That (Naek) is not my boyfriend. Sorry, just know,” said the woman born in 1987.

Reason used to always seem calm

Behind the turmoil of her mind at that time, as a teenager who was still in her teens, Lidya Pratiwi never showed a sad, worried face, let alone cry in front of many people.

Not solely because Hotman Paris was forbidden, but because he realized that on the other hand there were people who were sadder than him.

“At that time, what was highlighted by me. I know there is someone more hurt than me, so I don’t have the heart when I say this, that,” said Maria Eleanor.

“I also understand that their wounds are large, I want to say anything to defend myself too, yes I accept, I respect their wounds,” he continued.

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Not surprised with lifestyle

While in prison in her teens, Maria Eleanor doesn’t worry about adjusting to her current situation.

Maria Eleanor admits that she is only surprised by the current increase in prices.

“Before, I didn’t have a high lifestyle either, the lifestyle of an ordinary schoolgirl, so I wasn’t too surprised,” said Maria.

“But nowadays with increasing prices, the income has shrunk, so the arrangement is also a bit of a headache to be honest,” he continued.

Not familiar with social media yet

Recently, Maria Eleanor started to open up on social media.

Having a new account, Maria Eleanor admits that she was confused about adjusting to the world of social media.

Not only about the features in it, but also about the way people socialize on social media.

“It turns out that it’s a hassle to have Instagram. A new world for me, it turns out to be bothering playing social media,” said Maria Eleanor, complaining a little.

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