María Eugenia Vidal admitted that the opposition does not have an economic plan to lower inflation

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“It is difficult that today the opposition can advance an economic plan”Said this Tuesday the candidate for Buenos Aires deputy for Together for Change and former governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia Vidal. “We do not know what the starting conditions are,” he clarified.

Looking ahead to the legislative elections on November 14, Vidal considered that it will take “no less than 10 years” to solve the problem of inflation in the country and said that “Argentina’s structural problems will not be solved by the opposition “even if the electorate votes for their party” in this choice“.

“The deputies (who are elected in the next elections) they will not define an economic plan that solves inflation“, acknowledged the opposition in dialogue with Radio with you.

However, the candidate listed some of the projects that will be proposed in Congress, such as “lower taxes in labor charges, that there is labor practices in high school and reparatory projects for the sectors hardest hit in a pandemic “.

“We are going to have to be the Argentines themselves who have to bet on ourselves” since “many years will pass before they come back. investments from other countries to Argentina, “said the JxC applicant.

Other definitions


On the massive debt that the government has with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after the mega loan contracted by the administration of Mauricio Macri in 2018, which left a default of $ 44 billion, Vidal argued that the government has the “responsibility” to renegotiate with the agency.

“It is important that the Government put a consistent plan on the table to reach an agreement by the Fund and then, from there, find out what the opposition’s opinion is“said the candidate.

Rental law

One of the key points of the former governor’s campaign will be that the proposal to repeal the Rental law arguing that “it is worse than the previous system” and asked to debate a new proposal in the Chambers. “Both owners and tenants ask me to please repeal it,” he said.

“Integrated lists”

Finally, Vidal indicated that the opposition will present itself with “built-in lists” in the general elections of November 14 where are the candidates who competed in internal during the PASO.

“I feel that Cambiemos has evolved, and the proof of that is the way we present ourselves in this election,” said the candidate. He explained that the space had interns in 17 provinces and “today in most of those provinces the candidate who lost is accompanying the one who won on integrated lists, which shows political maturity. “

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