María Isabel Urrutia, minister of sports, spoke about the Women’s League: a hard blow to Dimayor and FCF | Colombian Soccer | Women’s Football

the sports minister, Maria Isabel Urrutia, came speaking loudly to Dimayor and the Colombian Football Federation for the Women’s League issue. One of the toughest battles that the former athlete promises to wage is precisely to dignify and professionalize the work of women soccer players in the country.

Urrutia was clear about the way in which the issue should be addressed and pay the debt that Colombia has with the soccer players, who still do not have a decent league. A request for several years in the country that already won the Libertadores title in 2018, recently organized the Copa América Femenina -in which the tricolor was runner-up- and that also got quotas for the U-17 and U-20 World Cups. and older, as well as the Olympic Games.

in chat with La W RadioUrrutia assured that “It’s up to us, as the saying goes, to unite all of us. The League exists but it is to see how we guarantee women to be part of the Professional League, in a bilateral agreement between football, which is a company, and the State. For me as a feminist and as a woman who lived through those moments of coming to a sport that was completely masculine and breaking the mold, I know it’s not easy. I already know that and I have been working with those who have to do with this issue of women’s football”.

Regarding the current situation of the Women’s League in Colombia, in which the players are only contracted for two months and the rest of the year are adrift, the Minister assured that “it is not with them (Dimayor and the Federation)” with whom This labor aspect must be dealt with “it is with the Minister of Labor, who is a woman (Laughter)”.

And he added that “they (the players) have a labor issue and it’s bad if the Professional League lasts half a month, they have to pay for the full year.”

The Olympic champion who came to the National Government making history by becoming the first woman to serve in this ministry, mentioned that although they have not discussed the subject in depth with President Gustavo Petro, sport would correspond to 3.4 billion pesos. The Women’s League will be a priority for her.

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