María José Llergo, the healing of music

María José Llergo has made her first album, “Healing,” a journey through her own emotional healing process. Written by itself and produced by Lost Twin, the album, published only on vinyl and digital platforms, pays homage, based on sound details, to its Andalusian origins. Foreground voice floating on a mantric flamenco and atmospheric electronics.

“Tell me about” Healing. ”

—It is the first time that I have the opportunity to record my songs and I have taken the opportunity to heal myself a little. I needed to heal myself in order to give myself to others.

“But what was she sick of?”

– Of a lot of pain that I did not know how to channel from dramas and experiences that hurt me. And I keep doing it, I’ve been channeling my pain through music all my life. The difference is that now I can record it with the quality I wanted.

– What would stand out of the disc?

“I really didn’t want to show anything, just heal myself through music.” The intention is to share and immortalize how I make music now, in a sincere and calm way, nothing sophisticated.

—There are flamenco echoes in the album.

—Yes, the first one is a soleá that I dedicate to my grandfather Pepe, in which I tell that, while he plows the earth with his little card, my conscience was raised. The other, “You look at me but you don’t see me,” is a song to follow in which the singing is not orthodox nor the sound either. It is my lyrics sung to the beat of seguiriyas, with the melody flying over the beat. And with the guitar of the Package, which is the maximum.

—I detect social commitment in his music.

“Very much, and also with my life.” In fact, my music is an extension of my life. I try to capture what I feel, what I am, what I think and what I do. .

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