María Luisa Godoy suffers a fit of laughter just when she was supposed to present a sponsorship at the BDAT | TV and Show

This Tuesday Maria Luisa Godoy starred in a fun moment in the Good morning to everybody after being the victim of a fit of laughter.

It happened while the cheerleader was reading a commercial, which is why she had to make more than one attempt.

It all started after Carolina escobar will present an anti-wrinkle cream, a product that is one of the sponsors of the television space.

“We are going to apply it to the crow’s feet there”Godoy jokingly pointed out, after which one of the editors yelled at him off-camera: “and fed up.”

This generated laughter from those present. “Just wait, we are going to charge you”the communicator replied in a humorous tone.

Later, the morning cheerleader began to read the advertisement for a product to clean the toilet, at which point she could not avoid a sudden fit of laughter.

“Sorry, they talk to me around here (referring to the tooth, the hearing aid through which television faces receive instructions) so that I can give the pass to you, ”he excused himself -with much effort- looking at Gonzalo Ramírez.

“So can not be! Then the sponsors challenge me “he added, while the rest laughed at his slip.

After failing to complete the announcement, Godoy had to take a breath to try again, but failed again due to laughter.

Finally, the third was the charm, being able to read the entire mention, unleashing the applause of his co-workers.


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