Maria Vania Makes Men Tense, Slow Down!

Beautiful presenter Maria Vania (photo: Instagram @maria_vaniaa) – celebgram sexy Maria Vania makes this male host feel nervous when he’s around her.

This long-haired woman deliberately teased Desta by answering some slightly naughty questions from her.

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Even Desta was embarrassed, when Maria Vania’s answer made her nervous.

“Did I make you tense up?” asked Maria Vania as quoted by in the TonightShowNet YouTube show on February 22, 2021.

With a slightly embarrassed and tense face, Desta shouted in response, “Yeah…, by the way.. with the meaning”

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Suddenly, this 31-year-old woman is increasingly teasing Desta’s shy expression.

“Here… you sit down a bit, please,” said Maria Vania while fixing Desta’s chair beside her.

After that, Desta again asked a question that led to Maria Vania


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