Mariana Correa, daughter of Natalia París, revealed the good and bad of celebrities

The daughter of DJ Natalia París and also an actress in training Mariana Correabetter known on social networks as Nana París, participated in the question and answer dynamics on the social network Instagram and revealed some truths.

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Nana París was questioned about what is good and bad about being the daughter of celebrities, and before this she did not hesitate to answer what she thinks about it in a more than direct way to that member of her digital community.

She based her answers on what her experience has been over the years, confessing what she has come across, what they have believed about her and what happens after meeting her from another aspect.

“The bad thing is that people are very interested, when they realize who you are they approach you out of pure interest and not to know who you really are. People also judge a lot and believe that I am a capricious person or that I believe myself a lot, but later they realize that it is not like that “let Mariana Correa see in her Instagram stories.

He specified that he has seen up close how those who begin their climb in the so-called fame get lost from the path of equality and begin to see people with different eyes, despite being on equal terms and stop having the humility they had in a principle.

“And the good thing is that fame does not trigger my ego because I already know what it is (I do not consider myself famous, but I have seen it up close) for me all people are equal and above all humility must prevail, so I feel that when some people don’t know fame and get it, they forget that we are all on the same level. They forget humility”added Mariana Correa.

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