Mariana Echeverría surprised her fans with a photo in a swimsuit

Mariana Echeverría when I Caigo de Risa honored RBD (Photo: IG @marianaecheve)

Mariana Echeverria published this first of May a photograph where he was wearing a black swimsuit, wore dark glasses and smiled at the camera with the blue of the Caribbean Sea In the background, the actress was descending into the water.

The member of The dysfunctional family on I fall out of laughter accompanied his image with a message addressed to the fullness of women who are moms. She recently gave birth to her baby Lucca.

“¿Do you want to be a good mom? Take care of yourself: run, cry, smile, kiss, go to the spa, go out with your friends, take a long napDO ANYTHING TO RENEW YOURSELF, your family needs you well and happy, ”wrote the actress.

She also tagged her partner and thanked him for always supporting her in everything.

The publication of Mariana Echeverría (Photo: screenshot Instagram / @ marianaecheve)
The publication of Mariana Echeverría (Photo: screenshot Instagram / @ marianaecheve)

In two hours its publication reached more than 70,000 ‘likes’ Within Instagram, the comment box was also filled with messages that complimented her, including “I don’t understand why there are people who criticize you for your physique if you look very pretty Marianita “ and “Mariana I follow many moms and you really are one of the ones I admire the most, you make me so so real! ”.

Andrea Legarreta, for her part, commented with emojis of hearts. When this actress was introduced as a contestant on The Stars dance in Today she opened up about how difficult it has been for her to regain her figure after pregnancy.

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“Most of us are women who find it hard to be 60-90-60. After giving birth, someone said to me: ‘Hey, why don’t you change? You can see your belly ‘, to which I replied ‘I just had a baby two months ago’, it is difficult for me to lose weight, but I am very happy “said the contestant.

The 2019 photo that he uploaded to his Instagram (Photo: Instagram / @ marianaecheve)
The 2019 photo that he uploaded to his Instagram (Photo: Instagram / @ marianaecheve)

She also discussed that used cold bandage treatments and that in the final stretch of her pregnancy she had a medical intervention. Some people have criticized her for her weight.

This is not the first time that Mariana Echeverría has made some reflection on the issues of motherhood and the female figure, because on March 28 of this year she uploaded a photograph of 2019 to make a comparison of what his silhouette was like.

“I have always believed that those who say that forty days after delivery everything returns to normal, fall short.”he wrote in his message.

He also mentioned that “The physical, hormonal, and emotional changes that women undergo during pregnancy and childbirth need time to settle down and return to normality.” Finally, she mentioned the women who have been mothers and said she empathized with them because she knows that these factors do not balance out in a period of a month and a half.

Mariana Echeverría and Faisy talked about their friendship before
Mariana Echeverría and Faisy talked about their friendship before “Me caigo de laughter”, where they became a family (Photo: YouTube / Faisy)

As they remembered what they had to go through throughout their friendship, Mariana Echeverría and Faisy revealed that they met in a club and that the presenter’s intentions, initially, were those of get more than friendship of Echeverría.

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Omar Reyes, better known as Faisy, through its channel YouTube in which he is dedicated to relating things he does in his daily life, invited Mariana for his most recent video, one of her closest companions who make up her Dysfunctional family.

Before you start revealing secrets about your other “relatives”, Mariana said that she and Faisy had known each other for some years for working in the artistic medium, because while she was working on Is it fair, he was in Fox Sports, but they never got to speak.


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